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Diabetic Symptoms or…?

I’m a 16 year old girl and although I naturally have a petite body built and extremely high metabolism, I’ve been confused by my body/weight
I’m currently not doing any physical activity

Take into mind that I’m on adderral, but take an extremely low dosage at all times

The symptoms concerning me:
-Dry patches? my skin usually nothing but oily, sweaty and moist. they either form on there own, or from even barely itching my skin (itching more freq. now)
-Thirst/ Always dry mouth. I understand that this could be a side effect from adderral, but highly doubt
-I’m 5’3 and normally around 115 pounds. lately I’ve been around 102 with no change in diet, although I don’t remember if I lost weight rapidly or over time.
-Skin looks flushed all over randomly?
-Hands and feet always cold
-Strange desire for fatty foods
-Bruising and bleeding easily
-Weird menstrual cycle? Had period last week normally with cramps. Had ANOTHER one randomly today (heavy but no cramps)

Other things to note:
I’m a vegetarian for about 3 years
My Grandma has diabetes (type 1? 2?)
I can’t sleep no matter how hard I try, but am always tired and weak feeling
My mom is having my blood tested in two days because she thinks I may have a blood problem (she’s anemic)

I’ve just guessed about diabetes since it runs in my family
Just after listing them and knowing about diabetes, it just seemed likely

What is your input?
Also I have experienced ‘random’ episodes where my body starts shaking, I got from flushed to pale, and my hands tremble and turn blotchy and I’m dizzy


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  1. Anonymous says:

    NONE of those things says diabetes to me.

    I see this question at least six times a day, usually from anxious teens.

    I do sympathize, but it’s like telling people you have a runny nose, you always need to pee, your index finger itches, and your cat died yesterday, so do you think you are running a fever?

    In other words, it’s giving a whole list of possibly unrelated symptoms, but not including the vital piece of information that is needed. In the fever example, it would be the body temperature. For diabetes, it’s the blood sugar level.

    All those symptoms you mentioned could be anything. They are absolutely meaningless without knowing what your blood sugar level is.


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