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One Response to “DIABETIC FOOT / DIABETIC WOUNDS any CURE, remedy, relief ?”

  1. Morphious says:

    If you have diabetes and you get a wound on your food or anywhere for that matter, you must take greater care than non-diabetic folks. The reason for greater care is because of the risk of infection.

    Any wound may get infected because the bacteria will live off the high sugar levels in you blood. That’s why doctors are concerned about diabetics with wounds and foot problems because it’s harder to fix or cure. If you have a wound that does not heal rather quickly or normally, then it’s time to visit your doctor and get it looked at. You doctor has much more resources available to help you than you would have.

    Usually, most wounds will heal on their own within a few days or a week. However, there are times when they will not heal quickly and will get infected. That’s when it’s serious and you need medical attention.

    Use and do what you normally would do for a cut or a wound. Just protect it better and watch it more for signs of infection. If it heals, then no problem. If it does not heal then consider going to your doctor. If it does not heal after a week or two, go to your doctor or if it gets infected.


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