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Diabetic Doctors…?

I am looking for some names of Diabetic Doctors for 18+ in the Las Vegas valley.
I am a type 1 diabetic


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  1. Mr. Peachy® says:

    I don’t believe doctors advertise whether they’re diabetic or not. What difference would it make to their patients?

    Oh… perhaps you mean do they take care of diabetic patients? Look in the phone book under Physicians – Endocrinology. Or, better yet, read this:

    For type I and type II diabetics (and those who are overweight and could potentially become diabetic). Copy and bookmark the webpages I‘ve listed below… they are invaluable for those with diabetes and/or weight problems…

    I’ve found a wonderful book that will help you control your diabetes and minimize or even eliminate the complications. Some folks who became diabetic due to poor diet and obesity are effectively cured by following the advice in this book. I’m a type II (inherited), but it helps all types, especially those who became diabetic due to poor eating habits. It’s by an author who has really done his homework, Patrick Quillin, Phd. It’s called, "The Diabetes Improvement Program". I have tried his suggestions and found them to be very helpful. I have no complications whatsoever and my blood sugar levels are quite stable. Yes, I still have to take Metformin (Glucophage) daily, but it’s the minimum dosage (500mg) and I only have to take it twice a day. I have been off Metformin for as much as a week, but this was with vigorous exercise. Many, what I call, non-hereditary type IIs (those that don’t have a close relative who had it) have gotten off medication completely, just with diet, exercise, and supplements. So, in some instances, it most certainly can be ‘effectively’ cured. Read more about it here:

    The book explains what’s going on in our system and what to do about it. It’s really easy and inexpensive. It’s basically diet, supplements, and exercise. For example, did you know that cinnamon helps blood sugar absorption? It also controls cholesterol and triglycerides. This is according to the USDA:

    For men: Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? I was. Yes, WAS. Now that everything’s under control, I’m able to have nearly normal sex again. I’ve also put together a little webpage highlighting some of the things I’ve learned here:

    Great calorie enlightenment:

    Recommended reading for anyone trying to control weight, especially diabetics:

    Some psychology behind overeating:

    A great health site with all kinds of general health information:


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