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Diabetic Diet Plan: How I Lost 90 Pounds In 5 Months And Reversed Diabetes By Making Simple Changes To My Diet

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If you find yourself in a constant battle to lose weight – and have tried and failed every available weight loss plan on the market – your diabetic condition may be your biggest, most formidable enemy. For me, winning the weight loss struggle came down to understanding the interrelationship of food, blood sugar, insulin, and fat – including how we store and gain it – and leveraging the only real solution for my body, which I describe in detail inside this book.

Written in simple, easy to understand terms and building upon my own success with this brilliant weight strategy, my book explains the complex relationship between our bodies and the food we eat and provides honest answers to the diabetic that wants to fix his situation. By adopting a different eating plan, such as the one outlined in my book, you are guaranteed to experience gratifying results. My own results included double-digit weight loss and complete reversal of my diabetic condition.

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