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Diabetic Diet: 30-Day Lifestyle Plan To Maintain A Healthy Weight: Weight Loss And Healthy Diet Plan For Diabetics

Diabetes – How can alkaline diet change your life by Dr. Robert Young – weight loss



Diabetic Diet: 30-Day Lifestyle Plan To Maintain A Healthy Weight: Diet For Diabetics, Diabetic Weigh Loss, Diabetes Diet

Healthy Diabetic Living, Diet For Diabetics and Diabetic Weight Loss

Today, more and more people are getting affected by diabetes. It is like there is an epidemic of diabetes! But, did you know that most of the cases of diabetes could have been prevented, if the affected would have tweaked their lifestyle a little bit? Diabetic living is the new mantra!

Most people get this mental image of starving and giving up their favorite foods in order to prevent and control diabetes. Yes, consuming the right foods is important, but you really don’t need to give up your all favorite desserts or resort to eating bland food to be healthy. Yes in general, there is recommended diet for diabetes and diabetic books include tons of diet plans.

In this book I will talk about what diabetes is, the effect the disease has on your body, the different types of diabetes, the foods you (as a diabetic) should consume, the foods you should avoid, physical activities you should undertake and of course a 30-day suggested meal plan

In this book you’ll learn:

  • Understanding Diabetes
  • Effects of Diabetes on your body
  • Learn about different types of diabetes
  • What types of food and drinks to consume if your a diabetic
  • What types of food and drinks to avoid when your a diabetic
  • Few suggested healthy exercises and healthy activities
  • A day-by-day 30-day suggested meal plan for diabetics
  • Please consult a physician before embarking on any diet plan

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