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diabetic cures..are there any?


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  1. MamaSmurf says:

    The only cure to date, is a pancreas transplant, and most of us will never have that done for many reasons. No, there is no other cure for diabetes of either kind.
    Being overweight does NOT cause diabetes and neither does eating too much sugar or junk food, or being inactive. Diabetes…both types is caused when the pancreas fails to function properly and the body is not using insulin the way it should. Those that keep saying that type 2 is caused by being overweight and eating poorly are so uninformed. This is an old wives tale. 62% of those with type 2 are not, or ever have been over weight. Type 2 itself can cause weight gain when it starts out as being insulin resistant.
    Many people claim they have herbal cures for diabetes, but in trials, and research, none have ever been found to have any significant effect on blood sugars, and some can actually be dangerous.


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