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diabetes symptoms help!?

do i suffer from symptoms i should be concerned about? i suffer from blurred vision in the morning,weight loss without trying,fatigue,i have the urge to urinate sometimes,cold night sweats,im 17 (still a virgin)mom is a diabetic also im 5’10 145 pounds just three weeks ago i was 159.i also have anxiety so i dont know if that helps because i worry about things too much i also get nausea in the morningand i see lines and sparks of light in my field of vision out of no where (mainly in the dark)


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  1. Ben Trolled says:

    The symptoms of diabetes may begin gradually and can be hard to identify at first. They may include fatigue, a sick feeling, frequenTt urination, especially at night, and excessive thirst. When there is extra glucose in blood, one way the body gets rid of itT is through frequent urination. This loss of fluids causes extreme thirst. Other symptoms may include sudden weight loss, blurred vision, and slow healing of skin, gum and urinary tract infections. Women may notice genital itching.
    Points to Remember
    The symptoms of diabetes can develop gradually and may be hard to identify at first.
    Symptoms may include feeling tired or ill, excessive thirst, frequent urination, sudden weight loss, blurred vision, slow healing of infections, and genital itching.

    A doctor also may suspect a patient has diabetes if the person has health problems related to diabetes. For instance, heart disease, changes in vision, numbness in the feet and legs or sores that are slow to heal, may prompt a doctor to check for diabetes. These symptoms do not mean a person has diabetes, but anyone who has these problems should see a doctor. This page lists the symptoms of diabetes when it first develops.

    The classic symptoms of diabetes are:
    frequent urination, with large volumes of urine (polyuria),
    excessive thirst (polydipsia),
    hunger (polyphagia), and
    weight loss.
    Other symptoms might include:
    blurry vision,
    odd aches and pains,
    dry mouth,
    dry or itchy skin,
    impotence (in a male),
    vaginal yeast infections (in a female),
    poor healing of cuts and scrapes, or
    excessive or unusual infections.
    Not everybody will have every one of these symptoms. Indeed, some people may have no symptoms at all!
    You can take the Diabetes Risk Test to help tell if you have diabetes and not know it.
    If you have these symptoms, then you’ll need testing of your blood sugar levels. Further information about testing for diabetes may be found at Testing for Diabetes.

    You will have to be the judge !!

    Take care
    Ben Trolled


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