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Diabetes diet confusion?

I dont think i have diabetes, but i want to prevent it, however Im receiving so many different answers from different sources. Im i supposed to avoid carbs? if so, why do some diabetes sites tell me to eat carby foods like bread and beans? Im basically wondering if white rice is bad, would another type of rice be good? beans are ok? they have lots of carbs though. i thought bran was good since it has fiber, but then i read it has carbs?? im so confused, the only food i know for sure is bad is white sugar, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. guamo17 says:

    The best way to prevent diabetes is to eat a well balanced diet. This means not loading up on lots of sugars and oils. In moderation, either of these are fine. Carbs are also fine, however try to mix things around and eat some whole-grain carbs in your diet. A well-balanced diet is much better than any specific diet plan.

    However, a diet is only one part of the prevention, and not even the best way to prevent diabetes. Usually, people who contract diabetes don’t just eat bad, they also don’t exercise. If you exercise and keep your body healthy, you will prevent many disease, not just diabetes. So keep your body healthy, eat healthy, and your chances of getting diabetes go way down.


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