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diabetes cure?


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  1. Mazher says:

    ravidath g !
    There’s none at the moment, though doctors and scientists are working on a cure … firstly for type 1 diabetes, and hopefully for type 2 diabetes.

    Herbal supplements that may help diabetics

    Cayenne (topical application can relieve symptoms of diabetic neuropathy)

    Psyllium (improve control of blood glucose and cholesterol)


    Asian/Korean ginseng (improve blood sugar control and energy type 2 diabetes)

    Gymnema (stimulate production of insulin in people with type 2 diabetes)

    Aloe vera (reduce the amount of drug glibenclamide required to manage blood sugar)

    Bitter melon (improve blood-sugar control in people with type 2 diabetes)

    Bilberry (lower risk of some diabetic complications – cataracts and retinopathy)

    Cinnamon can also play wonder

    Vitamin supplements that may help diabetics
    Alpha lipoic acid (improve insulin sensitivity and symptoms of diabetic neuropathy)

    Brewer’s yeast (providing approximately 60 mcg of chromium per tablespoon)

    Chromium (improve glucose tolerance in type 1 and 2 diabetes

    Evening primrose oil (improve nerve function and relieve pain of diabetic neuropathy)

    Fiber (may control blood sugar levels as well as oral diabetes drugs)

    Glucomannan (absorption of dietary sugar)

    Magnesium (for magnesium deficiency)

    Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements (reduce the risk of infection if used regularly)

    Vitamin E (may improve glucose tolerance)

    Vitamin B6 (improve symptoms of diabetic neuropathy)

    Vitamin B12 (reduces nerve damage caused by diabetes)

    Vitamin B1 (may help reduce blood sugar levels)

    Biotin (needed to process glucose)

    Coenzyme Q10 (protect against effects of diabetes-induced depletion)

    L-carnitine (reduces cholesterol and triglycerides)

    Niacinamide (useful in the very early stages of type 1 diabetes)

    Zinc (lower blood sugar in type 1 diabetes)

    Vitamin D (needed to maintain adequate blood levels of insulin)

    Inositol (needed for normal nerve function)

    Taurine (restore blood taurine to normal levels in type 1 diabetes)

    Fish oil (improves glucose tolerance, high triglycerides, and cholesterol levels)

    Hope this helps you
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