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currently on gestational diabetes diet…?

I have been following this diet very closely, but still finding myself testing higher than they said I should. They told me that an hour after a meal I should be testing 120-130 or below, after a meal I have been testing 140-160. Tonight for dinner I had skinless baked chicken breast, broccoli, and half of a potato, which is less than they told me to have and still tested a 160! Yesterday for lunch a I had a big slice of chicken wing pizza (didn’t eat the crust) and only tested a 115. I don’t understand why I am scoring high when I am following their diet so closely, and barely having any carbs. Has anybody else had this problem? Would I need to be put on insulin if I am following their diet and testing over the 130? I am very confused and I feel like the only way I will find out what is setting it off is if I test before and after every meal I eat, which would be 6 times a day and that is not including snacks,my insurance is not covering the testing strips and they would be 5 every 2 weeks if I test 6 times a day, which with a baby on the way is very hard. Any suggestions or advice? I am lost and unsure of what I should eat to keep my numbers down since the food ideas the dietitian/nutritionist gave me are raising my numbers, I just want to have a healthy baby.


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  1. Karma says:

    What the nutritionist gave you is just a guideline. Every body is unique and thus reacts differently to different foods. Managing a diabetic diet is a delicate dance in finding out what foods drive your sugars high that should be avoided completely, what keeps them low, and what times your sugar is naturally higher than other times of the day.

    That being said, it’s the potato you had for dinner that likely drove your sugars up. Potatoes are practically a big lump of sugar (carbs). Even if the guidelines say you may have a certain portion of potatoes, they should be avoided if you read high after eating them – or at least avoid them during natural peak sugar times. Also, it’s normal for many diabetics to have low blood sugar in the afternoons. So, that could also explain why the high carb pizza you ate for lunch may not have raised your number over the limit, but may have had you had it for dinner.

    If you have found the right balance of diet and exercise and still find your sugars run high at certain times of the day, you may have to go on insulin temporarily. If you do, it certainly doesn’t mean you failed at anything. It just means your placenta is producing too much hormones, making your body very insulin resistant right now


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