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Cure for blind people?

My brother is blinded by diabetic.
His vision is totally lost.
he can’t see, just blackness.
I’m wondering if theres a cure for that. what about stem cells?
please give me an answer


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  1. Anonymous says:

    No there is no cure for it. Stem Cells operations are still very experiential, not sure if they can do it on that part of the eye. Also, a stem cell operation are extremely expensive, probably dearer then buying a house.

    I’ve had a Limbal Stem Cell done on my cornea, the cells that regenerate the cornea, but I can’t get the funding to get my the right cornea done for a stem cell operation on the NHS. Most people wouldn’t have the money to go down that road.

    I was one of six people in the U.K. who had it done at the time nearly 9 years ago. Stem Cells are very fragile cells, they have to be grown in a laboratory, one takes immune suppressant drugs that can affect the Liver and the Kidneys, I also used my own blood plasma eye drops that I kept in the freezer.

    Stem Cells transplants are very complicate operations, I haven’t hear of it being done for diabetes.

    I can tell you that the stem cells transplant for the cornea only last up to 9 months, but it can trigger the body to produce it’s own new stem cells for that part of the body. They know this from DNA testing.

    But I haven’t heard of being done for diabetes.


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