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Crohn's and Diabetes Diet?

I have had Cronh’s disease for the past 16yrs. I was just informed that I now have diabetes. I don’t know what to eat now.
With my crohn’s I can’t eat anything with whole grain or wheat, any type of fruit and can only eat potatoes and carrots, I have to have a low fibre diet anything else I can’t digest, I end up in serve pain and can’t go to the washroom for day’s.
Now with having diabetes I’m suppose to eat whole grain and wheat, fruits and vegetables, which I can’t have.
Does anyone have any idea’s. I’m trying to find a dietitian but in the mean time I need some help on what to eat.


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  1. nursienurse says:

    Usually the hospital has nutritionists to help people sort out their diets. Call one near you and asked about making an appointment.

    Most diabetics can eat meat/veggies/starches as usual. Mostly they avoid processed foods and sugary desserts and snacks. Protein at every meal usually keeps your blood sugar down and at an even keel as protein takes longer to digest. This is why whole grains and whole fruits are suggested in diabetic diets. Can you eat canned fruits as these have little fiber? They have canned fruits packed in syrup so there is less sugar in these.

    The info below has some Crohn’s and diabetic friendly recipes but you may have to modify them as they have more vegetables than just carrots and potatoes.


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