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Could I be diabetic? (Symptoms listed in the details)?

Diabetes runs deep in my family on both sides. Both of my grandparents (on my mom’s and dad’s side) all have diabetes but my parents don’t. Neither does my little brother but ever since I could remember I have had these issues.
I always have the feeling that I need to pee, even if i don’t and the doctor told me I don’t have any infections or anything. Also I am constantly shaking or blacking out. Today after I helped my dad scrap metal I went inside and started cleaning out my rat’s cage when I got a sudden dizziness ( this happens a lot) and an extreme shortness of breath but I kept cleaning it out. When i had the rats in the cage i was shaking serious and I had to hold on to a wall to keep myself while my vision was going in and out of focus and getting all black and getting extremely fuzzy. After I ate a little the shaking subsided but only a little. I am still shaking now. I faint constantly, even though its only for a short time this all gets worse and worse as time goes by. I have a lot of issues gaining weight. I haven’t moved from 84-89 pounds since 10 years old and in two weeks I will be 16, but I am also short at 4’11. I am constantly thirsty. I even wake up in the middle of the night (3-4 times each night) just to drink entire glasses of water when i already had drank a glass of water before bed and a lot during the day)

Is it possible I could be diabetic? Should I get some blood tests done?


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  1. **inkee** says:

    you may be a diabetic, based on what u have said you have shown 3 classic diabetic signs:

    polyuria (freqeunt urination)
    polydipsia (frequent thirst)
    polyphagia (ur eating but can’t gain weight, your body isnt getting its needed insulin so it is getting it from fat and we need it for energy therefore ur cells are starving)

    and since u said that ur shaky and blackout a lot, ur blood glucose level is very low

    go to ur doctor and tell them these signs, u will probably be given a blood glucose fastig test. some places do it differently i believ but what they do is u won
    t have breakfast, they draw ur blood and have u wait. afeter a ciouple of hrs u will be given a very sweet high sugar content drink and have ur sugar level check again to see if their was a spike in your glucose level. blood glu levels are between 70-110 anythig higher is a sign of hyperglycemia thus insulin should be given to return the glu level back to normal

    i hope this helps and if it isnt a problem for you can u email me and let me know what happens. thanks and take care!

    are u cons


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