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Can you reverse or cure borderline diabetes?

I ate a little too much sugar, ok? My pancreas is fine. The insulin is fine. The glucose is NOT immuned to my insulin. If I lay off the sugar for some months. maybe a year or two, will this go away or am I never gonna sip a friggin cola again…?
That has nothing to do with nothing… I wanna know if I’ll ever NOT have borderline diabetes… is this a fucking joke to you?
Can’t eat a a bagle?! Bloody fuck I had 7 this morning cuz I … a fml! I’m so goddamn dead


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  1. Anonymous says:

    If a person loses weight to a normal level, exercises and lays off bad carbs, yes you can reverse diabetes in many cases. Most people don’t know how to lay off not only sugar but white and whole wheat food items. Wheat a has higher glycemic index than sugar. The dumbest food you can eat is a bagel. I recommend that everyone in this carbohydrate nation read the book "Wheat Belly." Who wants to take the conventional miserable slippery slope by eating poorly and being a couch potato? There’s a reason that the rate of diabetes has soared in this country. I tell everyone to get a juicer (about $300 so you can juice everything) – trust me, you’ll become addicted and want to juice every day, including wheat grass. Everyone should watch the DVD, "fat, sick and nearly dead." This should help.


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