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Can you reverse diabetes through diet alone?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Technically no, but you can control it quite well (depending).

    For type-1, you will need insulin because your body does not produce nearly enough, or any at all. You would still need to eat a diabetic-friendly diet to keep your blood-sugar in check, but you would still need insulin to make sure the glucose doesn’t build up in your blood stream.

    For type-2, you are resistant to the effects of insulin but you still produce it. Totally different mechanism compared to type-1.

    What this means is that most people with type-2 diabetes can control their blood-sugar with diet alone. If the type-2 diabetes has become fairly severe, however, these people would also need regular insulin to help.

    Reversal of type-2 diabetes can happen if the person makes some big lifestyle changes. For example, if the person was overweight and they trimmed down to a healthy size, they might be able to go back to eating whatever they please. Basically, their bodies would regain a normal degree of insulin-sensitivity.


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