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Can you get rid of diabetes with diet and exercise?

So my dad has had it all his life. I recently ended up diagnosed with it. He takes insulin shots. I do not have to do so yet but my doctor has put me on a strict regime. Is it possible to completely get rid of the disease with proper diet and exercise or is someone stuck trying to manage it for life? I know on the Biggest Loser they had "said" that a few of the constants had pretty much no more symptoms and no longer took shots.


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  1. Mr. Peachy® says:

    Type two diabetes is absolutely manageable with diet and exercise. To the extent that you shouldn’t have to take any medication at all. That is, if you catch it early before too much damage is done. Curable? I quit taking medication over four years ago. I eat healthy and try to get daily exercise. As long as my weight stays down, the blood sugar stays down.


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