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Can type 2 diabetes Truly be reversed with weight loss?

If I maintain a good weight can I reverse diabeties? also If it does not go away can I maintain it good enough that I do not get dementia when I am older like most people with diabeties?
Also am I almost guaranteed to need a kidney transplant


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello. As you know diabetes is common in people with weight problems. When a person eats food the body turns it into a simple sugar called glucose. The body needs glucose in order to produce energy. It does this through a process called glycolysis. In order for the cells to use glucose it requires a protein called insulin. Insulin is produced by specialised cells in the pancrease called beta cells. Insulin binds to specialised receptors on the membranes of cells, it does this in order to allow glucose to enter the cell. So, why is this relevant? If a person eats too much the body needs to secrete more insulin. If there are high levels of insulin in the blood the body can start to become immune to it meaning insulin will have a weakened effect on you (this is the most common cause of diabetes but there are more causes such as damage to the beta cells etc). So, the answer to your question is yes, loosing weight requires a healthy diet, therefore your body will not need to produce as much insulin, which will, over time, make your body more responsive to insulin thus reducing the symptoms. Improving diabetes cannot be achieved by weight loss alone, it can only be improved by a combination healthy eating (which will make you loose weight) and medication (if necessary). It is possible for your diabetes to cure itself if your maintain a healthy diet for a long period of time which would significantly reduce your chances of getting dementia. Also, you are not guarantied to need a kidney transplant or dementia for that matter. I hope this helps :-)

    Kind Regards



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