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Can pre-diabetes be reversed/ cured?

Or will I be stuck in Pre-diabetic status till my death?
I am not fat. I am 5’7 and my weight is 53kg


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  1. ledtkey says:

    yes it can. several years ago the national institutes of health conducted a research study aimed at finding if diabetes can be prevented. the study was funded for 7 years and halted after 5 because the lifestyle interventions were found to be so effective it was deemed immoral not to offer them to everybody.

    here’s what the diabetes prevention program (DPP) found. those that lost 7% of their body weight and exercised at least 150 minutes a week decreased their chances of developing diabetes over a 5 year time frame by 57%.

    the weight loss was achieved through a combination of decreasing total calories and decrease % of calories from fat.

    granted 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week can sound like a lot but only a 7% weight loss is encouraging for most people.

    the other thing that increasing your activity will do is improve insulin sensitivity, one of the hallmarks of prediabetes.

    good luck


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