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Can I Reverse/Rid myself of signs of Diabetes?

SO, I am 19 and have been overweight all my life. I am/was pre diabetic. Since moving to college I’ve noticed that sometimes I get the tingly in the feet and the hands and was getting it often so I cut out sugars and carbs and the signs went away for like a month…now they are back so Im going to repeat my die at (and keep it) so that by time I have my annual doctor’s appointment in the summer, theres nothing there.

If I diet workout etc now, would I still show up diabetic when my doctor tests me? Or is diabetes like a switch a once you’ve got it, (though not diagnosed) you’ll always have it?


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  1. TheOrange Evil says:

    You’ll always have diabetes. You can’t reverse pre-diabetes and you can’t reverse diabetes because they result from a permanent impairment of your glucose metabolism. That being said, blood sugar tests – like the fasting, random, and A1c – just measure your levels and therefore reflect how well you’re managing your disease. While diabetes may present a major impediment to achieving normal blood sugar, that doesn’t mean that a diabetic’s blood sugar can never be normal. In other words, if you followed a very strict low-carbohydrate diet and exercised, it’s entirely possible that your blood sugar would be 100% normal on all your tests. (I can’t say for sure, as sometimes pre-diabetics and diabetics just need medication or insulin regardless of diet, but I digress.)

    Being in a normal range wouldn’t mean that you rid yourself of diabetes, of course. I mean, a person without diabetes doesn’t have to diet and exercise to have normal blood sugar. A person without diabetes can sit down to an entire chocolate cake and a quart of milk at midnight and have normal blood sugar by 8 AM. Heck, a non-diabetic could eat that and have normal blood sugar within a few hours.

    So essentially what I’m saying is that diabetes (including pre-diabetes, which is just diabetes caught early) is very much like a switch. You’ll always have it and you’ll never not need to diet. The good news is that, even as a pre-diabetic or diabetic, you can have healthy blood sugar just like a non-diabetic. There’s no reason why you can’t strive to have normal blood sugar. You simply have to work to do it, unlike a non-diabetic who always has normal blood sugar regardless of what he does.

    When you go to your doctor’s appointment, and if your blood sugar looks good, I hope your doctor might be wise enough to tell you that you’re controlling your blood sugar well. If the doctor says your blood sugar is normal and so you’ve cured yourself, remind him that diabetes can’t be cured and that your blood sugar is normal because you’re eating right and exercising. If you were to follow a standard American diet, your blood sugar wouldn’t look like that. I lost over 100 pounds and my doctor pronounced me cured, but my blood sugar was good when I was fat, too. I was simply able to reduce my meds. I didn’t change my diet at all. I gently reminded her that eating a low-carbohydrate diet is why my blood sugar is normal, not because my body has healed itself magically.


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