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Can gastric bypass surgery cure Type I diabetics who are not over weight?

I am always on a diabetic roller coaster with highs and lows. Am slightly overweight but go to gym regularly and try to stay healthy. Have been taking insulin for 19 years and am 47 years old. Take 3-4 shots a day and check my BS apx. 7 times.


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  1. MamaSmurf says:

    No, it cannot cure type 1 and only in RARE instances has it "cured" type 2. After the person loses some weight, the symptoms are greatly reduced and the diabetes is controlled. You need to do some extensive research on this, most places only shorten the articles and come to their own conclusions. The person still has to follow a low carb diet and the symptoms of diabetes can reoccur at any time. Just keep doing what you have been doing, it will work for you. My sister had the surgery done, and she still has diabetes (type 2) and has had so many problems, including terrible problems with ulcers from it. It has helped her lose a lot of weight, but she is in pain a lot, can not eat a lot of types of foods and in general is miserable. Her doctor told her that there has been too much sensationalism over this surgery to try to "cure diabetes.
    And for PJ and the rest of you that think type 2 is caused by being overweight….this is NOT true. Type 2 is caused by a problem with the pancreas, and the body not using insulin correctly. And it can not be cured any more than type 1. Type 2 is not caused by food, being overweight, or being inactive.


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