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Can Diet-Induced/Type II Diabetes be reversed?

I’m just wondering because I honestly do eat a lot of high sugar content food, but I’m not overweight, so if I do happen to get pre-diabetes or Type 2, if I ate healthier would that reverse the diabetes?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, it would. There are a number of doctors who are now on TV with their programs, telling us that Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented and reversed. They have people who give testimonies that their diabetes and high blood pressure and heart disease went away when they started eating healthy, exercising, and lost weight. Their blood pressure went down steadily as they lost weight, until it was normal at their ideal weight. So there is hope for you. Start now and it won’t be such a difficult task later on.

    There are a number of books out now about reversing diabetes, too.


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