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Can diabetic baldness be cured?

I’ve looked all over the internet, and it seems like the only articles on Diabetic balding are all excerpts from the same medical journal entry saying the same thing: That Diabetes and baldness are connected.

But my question (That I couldn’t find anywhere) is this: Like stress, after your blood sugar is that of a non-diabetic, can the hair loss be reversed?

(note, I am not type 2. So don’t give me type 2 advice.)
So if my nerves have been damaged, does that mean all of my hair will cease to grow back and I will eventually go completely bald?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Diabetic baldness is most frequently due to reduced circulation to the hair follicles i.e. the areas from which hair grows.

    Once blood vessels are damaged they cannot regenerate. Consequently, diabetic baldness cannot be cured. As a matter of fact most baldness’s cannot be cured except with intensive and extensive interventions- its a costly proposition.


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