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Can diabetes type 2 be reversed???????

I think I have diabetes. I have to go the bathroom 5 times during the night to urinate. My feet tingle and I feel tired all the time. I don’t have other signs like vomiting, extreme thirst or weight loss.

I am 80 pounds overweight and have been for years. Do I have diabetes and can it be reversed before it’s too late??????

I do exercise every other day but just cant get the weight off.


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  1. ♥ terry g ♥ says:

    You do have some of the symptoms of diabetes but you really should check with your doctor to be sure. If it is diabetes, it is not curable or reversible but it is treatable and can be managed and controlled. You need to make drastic changes in your diet and begin to exercise more. Based on your weight, I really think you should see a diabetes specialist and a dietitian. They can know better than anyone what course of action to take with you, what changes to make, what exercises you can do and what medications you may need. Please take care of yourself. Best wishes.


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