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Can Diabetes reversed?

I am 5.6 high and weighing 81 kgs and I am diagonosed for the diabetes (Fasting 128 / PP 194). I am in the first week of treatment. Doctors has not prescribed any medicine yet and asked me to change diet and start exercising which I hav started. theay asked me to recheck my sugar level after 10 days. My question is that.. Is it possible to reverse Diabetes by loosing weight???? and what’s the difference between REVERSE and CURE. Please help..
I am 32 years old.


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  1. Skygazer says:

    There isn’t a type of diabetes that can be reversed, they can only be controlled. The only time it may go away is when it’s caused by medications (steroids among others) or if it’s gestational (which is caused by pregnancy)


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