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Can diabetes reverse itself in just 4 months?

Granted I have lost 10lbs, changed my diet, and become only slightly more active. But how did I go from a fasting 385 to a 90 and now a daily of 120 to 157 without meds? I do have a history of diabetes in family I am 54 years old and 5’6" 188 lbs.


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  1. TheOrange Evil says:

    If you have to diet to maintain normal blood sugar, then you have diabetes. People who don’t have diabetes can eat whatever they want and never experience blood sugar in diabetic range. You’re also exercising, which improves your body’s insulin sensitivity. Again, non-diabetics do not have to exercise at all because they’re already sensitive to insulin. Even though haven’t lost a tremendous amount of weight, even a little weight loss can have a profound effect on insulin resistance and blood sugar control.

    I’d also add that being at 157 mg/dL any point in the day is most certainly abnormal. Non-diabetics rarely, if ever, go above 140 mg/dL. Most spike well below that threshold and return to 100 mg/dL or below within two hours after eating. In fact, many non-diabetics don’t even cross 100 mg/dL any point after a meal. Although most of your numbers are extremely good for a person with diabetes not on medication, and I salute you for that, spiking up into the 150s would suggest that you very much still have diabetes.

    Keep working hard and doing what you’re doing. You’ve made amazing progress. Just don’t get complacent. You do have diabetes and the high blood sugar will come back if you let the diet and exercise routine lapse.


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