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Can complications from diabetes be reversed?

My doctor tells me that at the age of 27 I have no complications from Diabetes. I have had diabetes for 12+ years. I think I am pretty fortunate after not caring about taking care of my diabetes up until a few years ago. Maybe its cause I am getting older but I just never feel the same as I did when I was 21. This makes me feel like I could have some complications. My A1C has been 7.0 for the last 18-24 months and my blood pressure is usually borderline high (90/135). Can diabetes complications be reversed, especially if I am younger?


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  1. Nana Lamb says:

    Some of the minor problems can be reversed with very tight control of your glucose levels, Yes! But there are some that will not resolve but can be prevented from becoming worse.

    All teenagers go through rebellion! Yours was to not pay much attention to your diabetes for which you and others will pay dearly when you are much older than you now are.

    Must get that bottom number on your BP down! ARBs and ACEs really didn’t move my BP at all. I had an incident with Potassium and the doctor yanked the BP med I was taking and told me to never take ACE or ARB ever again. I am on CCB med and it works great. Got that 130/70 down to 110/65 where the doctors are all very happy. But primary care still thinks I should be on ACE or ARB also.

    Talk to your doctor and get copies of all the blood draws he has and make a graph to see where you are overall!

    Try low carb food plan! takes much less bolus insulin to cover. Less insulin, less problems with other endocrine systems. and lower weight!


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