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Can a vegan diet reverse heart disease and diabetes?


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    Diabetes: Can a Vegan Diet Reverse Diabetes?
    By Andrew Nicholson, M.D.

    Diabetes is not necessarily a one-way street. Early studies suggest that persons with type 2 diabetes can improve and, in some cases, even reverse the disease by switching to an unrefined, vegan diet . . .

    New Study Shows Vegan Diet Reduces Heart Disease Risk in People with Type 2 Diabetes

    Vegan Diet Scores Dramatically Higher in Alternate Healthy Eating Index than Diet Based on ADA Guidelines

    WASHINGTON—A new report in October’s Journal of the American Dietetic Association shows that a low-fat vegan diet has a nutrient profile and diet quality associated with a greater reduction in heart disease risk in people with type 2 diabetes than a diet based on the American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines . . .

    Groundbreaking PCRM Study Shows the Dramatic Impact of a Low-Fat Vegan Diet

    More than 20 million Americans have diabetes, a condition that greatly increases the risk of heart problems and other complications. A new study has shown that a low-fat vegan diet treats type 2 diabetes more effectively than a standard diabetes diet and may be more effective than single-agent therapy with oral diabetes drugs . . .

    While participants in both groups improved, the vegan group experienced significantly greater reductions in A1c (a measure of blood sugar levels over a prolonged period), weight, body mass index, waist circumference, and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol . . .

    “The diet appears remarkably effective, and all the side effects are good ones—especially weight loss and lower cholesterol,” said lead researcher Neal D. Barnard, M.D., PCRM president and adjunct associate professor of medicine at George Washington University. “I hope this study will rekindle interest in using diet changes first, rather than prescription drugs" . . .


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