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Best Diabetic Alternatives….?

Hello all:
My mom is 70 years old and is a diabetic. The doctor told her that she can’t be eating MOST of the foods she is eating right now. She LOVES:
-White Rice. She will eat a 12 inch dinner plate full for lunch and dinner with meat and vegetables (rice is a staple-food where we come from).
-Watermelon; as well all other melons. She will eat two large slices at a time.
-White Bread. She eats the equivalent of four slices a day.

What would be the best alternatives or substitutes for the above. Also, I heard that lima bean juice could cure diabetes if someone drank it for about six months. Has anyone else heard of this being true?

Thank you in advance for your answers. Have a beautiful day, take care and stay safe.


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  1. TheOrange Evil says:

    You can’t cure diabetes, but you can manage the disease so well that blood sugar is mostly normal.

    My white rice replacement is cauliflower. You’ll need a food processor. Cut up the cauliflower into chunks small enough to fit into the feeding tube of the food processor. Put in the grating blade. The food processor will cut up the cauliflower into little pieces that look a lot of rice. Fry the rice in a little oil in a wok-like pan or even just a frying pan, adding your favorite seasonings. I made "Chinese rice" the other night by cooking the cauliflower up with two scrambled eggs, green onions, soy sauce, and sesame oil, then added some chicken I baked in the oven. You’d be surprised how good this tastes. Cauliflower isn’t a starchy vegetable, but it has a starchy quality when fried up.

    There’s really no substitute for watermelon, but your mother can try lower-sugar fruits, like berries. Also, diabetics may be able to eat watermelon if the portions are small enough. Have her eat a small portion and then test her blood sugar two hours after her first bite. Below 140 mg/dL? Then that portion may work for her. Maybe she’d like sugar-free fruit jellos.

    White bread raises blood sugar almost as fast as refined sugar, but there are some lower-carb breads out there, like Flatout Light Wraps and Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Breads. The wraps are sold almost everywhere – Wal-Mart, Target, Safeway – usually in the bakery section. Look for the "Light" ones in the purple packaging. Ezekiel Breads are sold at Trader Joe’s.

    Now, with all these foods, your mother has to confirm that the food and portions work for her by glucose testing. Even though these are "low-carb" options, the reality is that some diabetics can never tolerate grains without having high blood sugar. Portions also matter a great deal. If you eat enough of anything, blood sugar will go up, even if the carb count is low.


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