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are this diabetic symptoms?

my symptoms:
always thirsty
frequent urination with gum syrup-like in urine
yeast infection
severe weight loss
gestational diabetes before miscarriage
have diabetes


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  1. dragonflybloo says:

    You are predisposed to clinical diabetes as suggested by the following:
    1. Genetics. Your family members are diabetic.
    2. Gestational diabetes.

    Following suggests that you may have excess of sugar in your bloodstream. Sugar level certainly exceeds the threshold value, which is 180 mg/dL for many people.
    1. Syrup-consistency of urine
    2. Yeast infection. Sugar in urine attracts yeast infection and genital itch.
    3. By your description, your urine is ‘thick’ with sugar. This implies that you have been having high level of sugar in your bloodstream for sometime &/or blood-sugar value far above the threshold value.

    You display symptoms of diabetes.
    1. always thirsty
    2. frequent urination

    All of the above dictates that you present yourself for medical examination.
    1. You can be easily diagnosed affirmatively by a doctor.
    2. Very convenient. May be able to do it in one sitting.
    3. Not expensive. Not invasive. In any case, the cost buys you certainty and takes away your anxiety. Diabetes is easily treated and managed.
    4. Early diagnosis brings early treatment. Diabetes is debilating & insidious desease. With proper treatment and good attention; you’ll live a normal & long life. If you commit to looking after yourself, you need not suffer the ravages of the desease.
    5. Prolong exposure to high blood-sugar & procastination leads to damage to body organs.
    6. In the immediate term, persons, who do not seek intervention, may progress to ketonacidosis and go into diabetic coma. Be aware that can be immediately life-threatening.

    I wish you all the best in your search for good health.


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