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Aquiring Diabetes from diet?

Its a vague question based on diet but what is the likleyhood that a person with a diet of high sugar (a bowl of icecream and some cookies every day), but gets alot of exercise, will aquire diabetes before they hit the age of 20?

Is it more frequent that people aquire diabetes from diet or that they are born with it?


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  1. Mr. Peachy® says:

    Acquiring (type two) diabetes requires the genetic predisposition. After that, it gets a little more complicated than your posit. No one is born with it. Generally, it tends to be a combination of poor diet and sedentary lifestyle that brings on the disease. Any combination of too many refined carbs and insufficient exercise to burn off the excess triglycerides and stored fat, can result in type two diabetes. Another, often overlooked, component is nutrition levels. If your diet is lacking in important nutrients, it can increase the chances of insulin resistance (the precursor to type two diabetes).

    This is not to be confused with type one diabetes… an entirely different disease with a similar result. Having a poor diet and insufficient exercise has nothing to do with type one.


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