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any real cure for diabetic related impotence?


One Response to “any real cure for diabetic related impotence?”

  1. jzc17 says:

    There are drugs such as cialis, viagra and the like that can help you, but really, the only "cure" for DM related impotence is control of the disease. Diabetes causes impotence by slowly killing small peripheral nerves. This is also why many diabetics lose feeling in their feet. Again, the only remedy is controlling your diabetes.

    If it’s too late for that or medication doesn’t help, there are surgical options such as penis prostheses (an inflatable device implanted within your penis to produce erections) but that’s probably not what you’d like to resort to.

    So go to your endocrinologist, take your diabetes meds, lose weight, check your sugars and take care of your disease!


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