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Am i Diabetic – Symptoms?? Help Please.?

The majority of my life, sweets are my fuel to keeping me active. I feel like when im tired, i eat sugary foods and it wakes me up, i sleep for 12 hours a day, and have a 2 hour sleep at about 5pm because im so tired. i am extremely fit and healthy, go gym 3 days a week, this week i nearly blacked out after 20 minutes at the gym and lately im becomming increasingly tired,



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  1. Verde says:

    There isn’t any way to tell for sure if you are a diabetic or not unless you go get tested. You need to go see your doctor and the doctor can find out quickly if you are or not. It does not matter if you are fit or not as far as being a diabetic. There are many athletic type 1 diabetics that don’t make any insulin at all. Being tired, irritable, rapid weight loss, insaitable thirst are some of the signs you need to look out for if you have diabetes. From your description, it sounds like you are having some real metabolic issues. You should make an appointment to see your doctor right away to find out for sure. Believe me, once you figure out the problem and start dealing with it, the better you will feel.


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