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Am i diabetic im experiencing symptoms?

Hey im 16 and i have lots of sugar im not guna lie im addicted to sugar :/ im having a few symptoms of diabetes e.g itchy pubic area, extremely tired even when i get 9 hours sleep, im always hungry. I got a blood test about 2 months ago and nothing came of it but could it be possible i have the disease now?


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  1. Lynn Bodoni says:

    It’s possible, but not likely, that you’ve developed diabetes in two months. Very unlikely. I’m assuming that you had a blood test to check for diabetes…if you didn’t get checked specifically for diabetes, then other tests won’t necessarily check for it.

    You don’t mention the two biggest and most common symptoms of untreated diabetes. No, I’m not going to tell you what they are. If you had them, though, you’d mention them.

    It’s fairly normal for a teen to experience fatigue and constant hunger. It’s part of being a teenager. As for an itchy pubic area, your body needs more attention now, so try using a deodorant or antibacterial soap in that area, and wash it at least once a day. If the itch persists, see a doctor, you might have a yeast infection. Guys can get yeast infections too, by the way. If you see a doctor, talk about your concerns about diabetes.


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