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Am I diabetic, i have some symptoms?

I think I might be diabetic, because i did a blood sugar level thing, my grandfather is diabetic, and i was like 6.9, which is really high (before at about 4pm i had a burger, and then chicken and veg about 8pm and a doughnut with cream). I also have gotten quite bad eyesight (short sighted) within the last 2 years. Im 14 at the moment.

I dont…
need to drink a lot
eat a lot
have rashes
lost weight
tingling in feet
or urinate a lot (more than normal)

Im sure you are going to tell me to get tested, but i want to know if that is more than enough to have diabetes, and if i don’t get tested or fix it will it get worse. Nothing Ive had so far has affected me really bad or anything so is it very important to get screened. Will i need insulin shots for the rest of my life?


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  1. Maj Hewitt's Equestrian Acad says:

    Being short sighted doesn’t mean you’re diabetic. And you don’t show any of the other symptoms. But "adult onset", or Type 2 diabetes is becoming prevalent in younger and younger people these days. I wouldn’t worry too much, but if you have a family history, it may be worthwhile being checked.

    Good luck!


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