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Am I a diabetic? I have some of the symptoms.?

I have some symptoms that could be described as diabetic, like if I haven’t ate anything for a long time I get immense sugar cravings. If I don’t I feel very low energy, depressed and feel like I want to sleep, even though it’s not the same sleepyness as you get in night time.

I also have hunger feeligns even though my belly is full, other times I feel very thirsty even though I’ve had plenty to eat.

My late father had diabetes.

I tried a few times to cut out all sugar from my diet and go paleo. Basically meat and veg diet with a few fruit. Kind of like the hunter gatherer diet. But I just felt really low energy because of the lack of sugar. I feel like I have a sugar addiction and then I fall back to drinking cola, eating chocolate and consuming other high carb foods like potato chips (aka french fries), bread etc.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You have some symptoms about diabetes,but dizzy is symptom of low blood sugar.Well it might be possible that you have diabetes.If your sugar is high you are hungry and thirsty,but you write that you feel dizzy and you need a sleep what are 2 symptoms for low blood sugar.You see person ho get diabetes,will not have a high blood sugar(all the time),he/she will have high blood sugar,but sometime low too.So i think you have diabetes.Go to doctor to test you,and you will see the results if you have it or not.And don`t eat that things like drinking cola,chocolate,chips..and other things,they gonna worst you healthy state,maybe you got diabetes because you consume eating chips,drinking cola….!
    So take care and soon see a doctor.


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