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about diabetic formication and total reversibility (cure)?

Please can anyone sincerely tell me how long ‘formication’ symptoms (from diabetes) can occur after the onset of this disease as well as if it is possible to be totally cured of diabetes?



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  1. Donveni says:

    I think you are referring to the phenomena that has to do with presence of protein in urine?So basically the development of such syntoms depends on the care the person receives and how the patient actually cares for himself,nutrition and good living habits are vital at this stage of the disease,although there are many testimonies from people that has corrected most of the syntoms associated with diabetes,they are basically related on a co mun ground how responsible the patient becomes regarding His living habits,hard to tell what totally cured would be ,if by that is meant you can go back to "the living la vida loca" with no having to pay the consequences ,no there is no cure ,if its meant you can have a normal life within limits, then ,that is very possible


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